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Duration: 8 Days / 7 Nights
Location: Krakow, Podgorze, Kazimierz, Wieliczka, Auschwitz, Warsaw, Mikolajki, Gdansk
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Poland is the country located in the Central Europe. It is full of history but it was also badly affected by the WWII and luckily it managed to recover. Two most famous cities of this coun-try are Kraków and Warsaw – the former and nowadays capital of Poland.

1st Day

Krakow Old Town – Wawel Hill
Arrival at Krakow Airport. Our guide welcomes you in Krakow. Transfer by luxury bus to the hotel with assistance our English speaking guide and check in. Short break to relax and refresh. Our experienced guide will take you for a tour around the Krakow (approx. 4 hrs) to show you the most important and spectacular monuments in Krakow.
Kraków is a former capital of Poland and was the seat of the Polish kings for many centauries. We will start our tour with a visit of the Wawel Hill that once was the residence of the Polish Royal Family before they moved to Warsaw. During the WWII it was changed into the house of the Nazi General Governor Hans Frank. Then we will stroll down to the Main Market square through the Royal Route visiting on the way the places connected with the oldest Polish
University and those where John Paul II lived and prayed. The Main Market Square is the biggest Market Square in Europe with such buildings like The Cloth Hall – the medieval supermarket and the St. Mary’s Church famous for the bugle Call. This is the perfect place to buy the souvenirs or try some Polish food.
Welcome dinner will be at the ones of the Restaurant in Old Town with regional polish cuisine with folk music or Kazimierz District with Jewish cuisine with life music
After the dinner back to the hotel. Overnight stay in Krakow.

2nd Day

Podgorze Getto – Plaszow – Schindler’s Factory – Kazimierz District – Wieliczka Salt Mine
Breakfast. Our experienced guide will take you for a tour around the Jewish District (approx. 4hrs) to show you the most important places. We will start our tour with the visit to the former Ghetto situated in the district of Kraków called Pod-gorze. Here the Nazis transferred the Jewish people that they needed as the cheap labour in their factories such as Schindler’s Factory located just about 500 meteres from the wall of the Ghetto. Then we will visit the Memorial created on the place where the Płaszów camp – labour camp existed during the WWII. Most of the Jews after the liquidetion of the Getto where moved there. The story of this camp was also presented in the Schindler’s Lis film. Afterwards the tour will continue to the Jewish district called Kazimierz where the Jewish community lived until the Nazi occupation. This district was not badly damaged during the war so we can still admire the beauty of the examples of the Jewish culture and architecture. Some of these places hasn’t changed much from the time before and during the WWII so that is way Steven Spilberg made some scence for the famous film Schindler’s List.
It is also the perfect location to stop for a lunch at the local restaurant.
Afternoon transfer by bus to Wieliczka Salt Mine for private sightseeing with local guide and for a private Welcome Dinner. Wieliczka Salt Mine UNESCO`s listed, the only one salt mine in the world preserved in this condition, visited by more than 1 million tourists a year. Visitors may take a walk of 2¸5 km through 3 levels in the Salt Mine down to 135 meters below ground level (400 steps), through underground lakes, various interesting geological forms, galleries, chambers and chap-els. As the tour involves walking for the most part, please be wearing comfortable footwear.
Dinner at the our regional restaurant near Wieliczka with folk show live. – details in attachment.
After the dinner back to the hotel. Overnight stay in Krakow

3rd Day

Auschwitz-Birkenau – Warsaw
After the breakfast, check out. Transfer by luxury bus to Warsaw via Museum Auschwitz-Birkenau for private sightseeing. Auschwitz was the biggest concentration and extermination camp created by the Nazis on the area of the occupied Poland. Over one million people lost their lives there. After the war it was changed into the Memorial visited by the people who want to learn about what happened there. The idea of creation of the museum came from the former prisoners and it was to educate the people of what had happened there not to repeat it in future. The tour includes the visit of both camps Auschwitz I and Auschwitz II Birkenau. In 1979 former concentration camp was entered on the UNESCO World Heritage List. After the sightseeing you will have a lunch at the local Restaurant. Afterwards we will head towards Warsaw.
Check in at the hotel. Dinner at the hotel. Overnight stay in Warsaw.

4th Day

Warsaw Old Town – Jewish Getto – The Museum of Warsaw Uprising or Polin

Breakfast. Morning guided all day tour of Warsaw (approx. 6 hrs). Local guide will show you one of the largest city in Po-land. Warsaw is a capital of Poland unfortunately it was badly damaged during the WWII but beautifully rebuilt by the whole Polish. During this guided tour you will have a chance to get to know more about its tragic history. Apart from be-ing greatly iinvolved in the fights of the war it is the town full of parques and buildings connected with its function as a capital. It was also once the residence of the Polish kings there is a Royal Castle and few palaces located here. The Old Town of Warsaw shows the beauty of it few centauries ago. It is worth to look for its symbol the Mermaid in the Main market Square. Warsaw was also a place where before the war lived one of the biggest Jewish population. As in most of the big cities of the occupied Poland the Germans created the Ghetto for them in here. The majority of the Jews from Warsaw died in the gas chambers of the extermination camps such as Treblinka, Majdanek and Auschwitz. Nowadays Warsaw has only a very small number of the Jews living here. It will be possible to see some of the remnants of the Jew-ish Ghetto in Warsaw during the tour.
There are also two Museums worth visiting in this town: The Museum of Warsaw Uprising showing the history of the brave citizens of Warsaw that opposed the occupants in August 1944. The second one is called Polin and shows the 1000 year history of the Jews living in Poland.
Afternoon at leisure.
Dinner at the local Restaurant. Overnight stay in Warsaw.

5th Day

Wolf’s Lair – Masurian Lake –
After breafast, check out and transfer to Mikolajki, the most famous Masurian village with a beautiful marina. Visit to the Adolf Hilter’s war headquarters. It’s a hidden town in the woods consisting of 200 buildings: shelters, barracks, 2 airports, a power station, a railway station, air-conditioners, water supplies, heat-generating plants and two teleprinters. In 1944 more than 2000 people lived here.
Dinner and overnight stay in Mikołajki.

6th Day

Malbork – Gdansk
After breakfast we depart to Gdansk via Malbork. Castle of Malbork it is a historical monument put on the UNESCO World`s Heritage list. This Gothic Castle is the biggest brick fortress in all the land and has been made a World Heritage Site! A tour of Malbork takes you back in time, allowing you to learn a bit about the lifestyle of these pious Knights and how they built such a massive structure so long ago. There are big collections of amber, arms and armory, coins, ceramics and other objects of art. After sightseeing, we drive to Gdansk. Dinner and overnight stay in Gdansk.

7th Day

Gdansk – Westerplatte – Roads to Freedom’ Exhibition
Breakfast. Morning tour to Westerplatte small peninsula a few kilometers from the city centre. Gdansk was the first target of military actions taken by Germans in 1939. The exact location of the first battle of World War 2 was Westerplatte. After the visit we will continue our tour Old Town. We will start from short walk of Gdansk Old City: St. Mary’s Church, City Hall, Golden and Green Gates, Neptune Fountain, Long Street. Afterward we visit the Solidarity Centre Foundation ‘Roads to Freedom’ Exhibition..The ‘Roads to Freedom’ exhibition concentrates on the history of Poland during the 1956-1989 years. ‘Solidarność’, a political and social movement, was originated on the area of the former Lenin Shipyard in Gdańsk in 1980.
After visiting we back to Hotel. Dinner and overnight stay in Gdansk.

8th Day

After the breakfast check out of the hotel and depart for airport. Have a nice flight!

Package Includes:
  • Transportation service by luxury bus with all amenities,
  • Accommodation in 3* or 4* hotels, in double room with buffet breakfast,
  • 11 x Dinners at the hotel or local restaurants
  • Tour guide
  • Sightseeing tours with English speaking guides according the program
  • All taxes
Package Not Includes:

Package Not Includes: Entry Fees, Beverages, Lunches, Travel Insurance, Tips to your guide & driver

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