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Słowinski National Park

Słowiński National Park – Land of Water, Wind and Sand. One of those places that captivated us with the freshness of the air, the wonderful colors of the earth and the diversity of nature. The park is located by the Polish sea, about 110 km from Gdańsk. In 1977, the park was included in the list of UNESCO World Biosphere Reserves. The park was created to preserve the unchanging beauty of the system of coastal lakes, peat bogs, meadows, coastal forests and forests, but above all to preserve the sand dune belt with shifting dunes, unique in Europe. Moving dunes were the most important thing to see on our trip. Walking along the Łebska Spit, we discovered old stumps and fossils of the forest that used to grow there. We had the opportunity to admire the dunes and the rolling waves of the Baltic Sea, and by entering one of the several observation towers we had an even better view of the land of lakes, forests and sand. The biosphere reserve provides plenty of hardened surface. paths for hiking and cycling.

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